Built Green Santa Barbara


Bella Riviera is proud to build according to the standards of Built Green Santa Barbara.

Here’s why that matters to your next home purchase:

Cost Savings
Energy efficient designs and products save you money – up front and in future monthly bills.

Your Health
Construction practices and design components improve indoor air quality and create a healthier environment.

Building practices and landscape designs improve water quality and contribute to conservation.

Protect Natural Resources
Building practices, waste reduction processes and design elements reduce the impact on our environment.

Here’s what Bella Riviera did to accomplish this certification:

Innovation and Integration
From the very beginning, Bella Riviera decided that green building was important to the neighborhood and to your new home. A plan was established to integrate with the community and the natural environment.

Site and Water
The building plan for Bella Riviera called for the protection and/or reuse of existing trees and vegetation. New landscape designs respect the topography of the site and the species that flourish on California hillsides. Finally, strict standards for waste management ensured stewardship of the land.

Energy Efficiency
Bella Riviera design standards exceed the Title 24 energy code by 20%. From insulated exterior doors and hot water pipes to lighting features such as Energy Star® light bulbs and motion detectors conserve energy and save you money.

Health and Indoor Air Quality
Cabinets, plywood building materials and insulation have been selected for quality and are formaldehyde free. You will appreciate low-VOC interior paint and operable windows that allow for cross-ventilation. No detail was too small to be overlooked.

Materials Efficiency
Conservation should be beautiful. Authentic clay roof tiles from the historic St. Francis Hospital were reused to preserve local beauty and history. Most importantly, the spaces of your home were smartly designed for multi-functional living.

Environmentally Friendly Home Owner Operations and Maintenance
Finally, Bella Riviera planned for your home’s long-term future. You can rest knowing that your home will be maintained at the same high standard to which it was built.

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Built Green Santa Barbara